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If you are interested in joining the Bury Breakfast Club and becoming a member, please read the notes and fill out the application form below.


Please note that you must have attended the Bury Breakfast Club at least three times, as a guest before you can apply to become a member. Please book now to join us for breakfast.

Please also first check that your business does not overlap with any of our current members by checking the 'Members Category List' as the Bury Breakfast Club only allows one member per business category.

By completing and submitting this form, you agree to the terms, conditions and rules of the Bury Breakfast Club. Please take some time to read the full 'Members Terms & Conditions' by clicking the button below.

Name *
The business that you will represent at thin the Bury Breakfast Club. As we have a rule of one member per category, please ensure that your category is available and does not overlap with another member by checking the Member Category List.
The primary business website or a landing page that is specific to the business category that you will represent at the club.
Work Address
Work Address
Describe your business, product(s) or service(s) being as specific as possible. Outline the core business offering that you will be representing at the Bury Breakfast Club.
Your position at your current business/company?
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Please indicate where your experience/qualifications might be able to help the group in the future. Do you have any unique experience, skills or contacts that might be helpful or advantageous to the group?
Who Invited You?
Who Invited You?
If you were invited to visit the Bury Breakfast Club by a member for the group, please tell us who it was?
We do ask that you supply us with two Business Referees for your application.
Please give us details about your first referee.
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Name of Referee One
Please give us details about your second referee.
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Name of Referee Two
Form fields marked * are mandatory. By completing and submitting this form, I agree to the terms, conditions and rules of the Bury Breakfast Club. Please take some time to read the full terms and conditions by visiting the 'Members Terms & Conditions' page.

Your Listing on the Bury Breakfast Club website

If your application is successful, we would like to add your details to the Bury Breakfast Club website.

Please email the committee at attaching a company logo and description of your business.

You may also include an image of yourself and all information associated with your business including website address, email address and links to social media pages.


Remember to use 'keywords' in your description as this will help the search engines to find your entry.


If you would like to see some examples of other club member's website entries, please visit the 'Members' page.