Bury St Edmunds Veterinary Centre - Independently owned caring and compassionate veterinary centre specialising in small animals including exotics.

Jenny from Bury St Edmunds Veterinary Centre.

Jenny from Bury St Edmunds Veterinary Centre.

Where your pet is our priority

Based on Eastgate Street, Bury St Edmunds we are a purpose built Veterinary Centre owned by Jenny and Carly, Two local vets.

Our mission

We are Jenny and Carly’s vision of a veterinary practice. We are there for sick pets and their owners when they need us. We keep the healthy ones healthy. We are a team of nine skilled, highly trained and hardworking people. We are founded on values of care, community and compassion. We are Bury St Edmunds Veterinary Centre and we are here to make your pet our priority.


Some of our reviews

Amazing friendly staff. Totally different to any other vets we have been with. Animals are there priority and prices were more than reasonable. Didn’t feel like we were at the vets and the atmosphere is like no other.
— Penny Eggleston
I would highly recommend these vets, Excellent service great friendly staff who are happy to help and great at putting your mind at ease. I knew my dog was in good hands.
— Joyce Wall
My dog was seriously ill last weekend and these guys were truly amazing. I was constantly kept up to date with Dotty’s care and progress. Not only were they great with her, they were also very good with a stressed and worried owner!
My dogs insured so cost wasn’t a worry but I was also amazed at how reasonable the cost of her care was.
Glad to see vets in Bury that are all about the animal and not all about the bottom line.
— Michelle Waterson
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Dr Jenny Reason


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