Bury Breakfast Club Members Terms & Conditions


By submitting an application form to the Bury Breakfast Club your formally accept and agree to the following terms & conditions.


I understand that if approved, membership to the club will be held by myself as the named individual representing my organisation and operating within the agreed category.

I agree that if my organisation wishes to change representative, they must re-apply to the club and any change is at the discretion of the club's committee.

As an individual, I agree to act as a positive and constructive member of the Bury Breakfast Club, including taking my turn at the voluntary roles within the club, according to my capabilities.

I understand that the organisation I represent is expected to behave with commercial integrity, and to provide the goods and services I promote to the standards expected of our market sector.

I agree that within meetings, including in the open networking sessions, I am expected to promote only those goods and services my organisation offers which lie within the agreed category.

Attendance & Substitutions 

I agree to attend most of the Bury Breakfast Club's meetings myself so that other members can build close dependable working relationships with me, which will enable them to be confident in referring business to me.

IMPORTANT! I understand that if I miss 3 or more meetings in any 6 month period, without a suitable substitute attending in my place or specific, exceptional approval from the committee, my membership will be cancelled without refund of any fees paid.

When I am not able to attend a meeting, I understand I am expected to arrange for a substitute to stand in for me. I accept that this is my responsibility as a member, and not the Bury Breakfast Club, though the Club will do their best to help out where possible.

The substitute may be a member of my organisation or not, but if not I understand that they must not clash with an existing member. 

This substitute will attend the meeting at my expense, and I will provide them with my 60-second presentation which they will be expected to read out. I understand that the substitute will also be given the opportunity to deliver their own 60-second business presentation.


The Bury Breakfast Club charges no joining fee but does charge a regular meeting fee to cover the cost of the venue and catering. 

I understand that the Bury Breakfast Club requires an up-front payment of three months fees, followed by a regular monthly payment by standing order.

Complaints Procedure

I understand that things can occasionally go wrong. I agree that if at any stage I have any issues with the running of the Bury Breakfast Club, or with another member, the first step is for me to notify the committee by emailing theteam@burybreakfastclub.org detailing the issue. I understand a member of the committee will be in contact with me directly.

To apply to become a member of the Bury Breakfast Club please fill in the 'Membership Application Form'.